Tourist Farm and Craft-Brewery


From green gold wide and open plains to FLAJS Beer and Ale

In the FLAJS Brewery, the landlord Aleksander Flajs is in charge of brewing. In managing the estate for a number of years, he had gained the required knowledge and experience within the vocational training provided by the Slovenian Institute of Hop Research and Brewing of
Žalec, and had been awarded the NPQ Brewer’s Certificate (National Vocational Qualification for Brewers). In his great devoted passion for brewing, he began brewing his first beers at home, constantly perfecting his expertise. In arranging meetings with friends and relatives, he provided for serious tasting, analysing and improving beer flavours to perfection, all enveloped in an easy and agreeable atmosphere.

The son Jan is Aleksander’s right hand by serving beers in their home beer pub and guiding guests. Urška, the wife of Aleksander, and Jernej and Žan, their sons, take care of all the other numerous chores, thus facilitating a harmonious and smooth operation of the estate.
Therefore, you are all most welcome to come and take a tour of the Flajs estate, and to experience a real beer brewing adventure.

The tour will take you from the incoming female cone-shaped fruits (cones) of Humulus lupulus, and all up to a swing of real beer in the Flajs Brewery!


Our current beer types include: UDARNIK, ŠTANGAR, FURMAN, and KAMERAT, with novel ones coming up very soon.

UDARNIK (“The Shocker Worker”)

Style: Amber Ale
Alcohol level: 5.5 %
Colour: Amber

Udarnik (“The Shocker Worker”) was the first beer to be created in the Flajs Craft Brewery in the vaults of the old Flajs Farm of 1889 in the centre of Žalec. The beer was named after a hard-working man, who was a responsible and orderly person.
This beer was crafted with great efforts and brewing enthusiasm. In type, it is American Amber Ale, on a solid malt base, with a tinge of caramel, and a lively fruity flavour, and the moderate bitterness of the Slovenian Styrian Aurora and Styrian Cardinal hop varieties. The
beer obtains its vivacity and freshness from its medium full body with a smooth finish and as such, it is palatable throughout the year.

ŠTANGAR (“The Pole Swinger”)

Style: Pale Ale
Alcohol level: 6.9 %
Colour: Gold Yellow

Štangar (“The Pole Swinger”) The name tells a story of stout youngsters, who were setting hop poles as supports for hop vine to climb.

Golden in colour, medium strong Pale Ale has a tinge of malt sweetness and a balanced hop finish. The beer has a fruity taste and a floral flavour, as hops is added at the phase of fermentation, in evidence of the Styrian Kolibri variety. The fresh and inviting finish gives special energy to the beer.

FURMAN (“The Carriage Driver”)

Style: Premium Lager
Alcohol level: 4.3 %
Colour: Muddy Yellow

This muddy yellow beer with thick white foam never disappoints.
The beer is pure in flavour, it has a rich and complex malt presence, showing the nicely rounded characteristics of the Slovenian Styrian Aurora and Styrian Savinja Valley Golding hop varieties. The aftertaste is a combination of banana and slightly yeasty flavour, with a dry
finish, pretty bitter. Medium low carbonation renders this Premium Pale Lager a smooth operator.

KAMERAT (“Friend”)

Style: Porter
Alcohol level: 5.0 %
Colour: Dark Brown

Kamerat belongs to the helpers – friends of Flajs.
The fully black in colour, the beer is covered with the medium-beige foam.
The beer instantly envelops you in most inviting malty flavours, with notes of dark chocolate predominating, complemented by hints of roasted coffee flavours. The beer gets its moderate bitterness through the Slovenian Styrian Aurora hop variety.
The flavour of chocolate and the light taste make the beer even more enjoyable.